I suspect no-one knows better than me how time and the elements can take the sparkle out of precious silverware, and how the most beautiful items can soon look old and tarnished if they’re neglected.

Yet, with a little care and attention – and with some help from my excellent products – it’s easier than you think to keep fine silverware looking as good as new.

If you know what you're looking for – for example, a silver cleaning product – simply click on the appropriate selection to the right. Otherwise, I invite you to browse!

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Mr TT's FAQs

"Which product should I use if my silver is almost black?"

"Our Spray Silver Polish or Silver Foam works well on most silverware. Our Silver Sparkle Tissues are more suitable for cleaning cutlery or small silver articles and other items that combine silver with other materials. Very heavily tarnished silver may require more than one cleaning, or may even call for professional attention."

"Which product should I use if my silver is almost black?"
Mr Town Talk’s Gleaming Polished World was established in Lancashire in 1895, to supply the finest Polishes, Cleaners and Accessories for Silver, Gold and Precious Metal Jewellery, Cutlery and Cutlery Storage. More recently, Mr Town Talk’s range of unparalleled products has been expanded to include Household Cleaners and Laundry Requisites.