Store silver safely.

Store silver family heirlooms or rarely used tableware somewhere dry as dampness causes corrosion. Avoid standing silver on wooden surfaces too since the wood acids react with the metal. For best results use a Town Talk Anti-Tarnish Silver Storage Bag – it’ll protect silver from knocks and scratches and keep it tarnish-free for longer.

Mixing up a meringue?

Try using a copper bowl to whip egg whites. They’ll stay glossy, firm and are less likely to become over-whipped or grainy! Copper is easily cleaned with Town Talk Copper Polish.

Deliver a sparkling performance.

Ensure your musical recital is a resounding success by cleaning flutes, trumpets – in fact any silver-plated instrument – with a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth. It’ll wipe away moisture and fingerprints to a brilliant shine.

Keep silver Jewellery in super shape.

If you’re swimming to keep fit, remember that chlorine in pools speeds up the silver tarnishing process. Simply remove jewellery before swimming and showering or give it a quick polish afterwards with a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth!

Adore your Diamonds?

Diamonds are extremely hard, but this doesn’t mean they’re invincible. In fact they have a grain, similar to wood, which means a sharp knock could crack them. They can also crack each other, so it’s wise to store them separately.

Starting your Spring clean?

Use the right tools to make the job easier! Our special Microfibre Household or Luxury Dusters have tiny, asterisk shape polyester and nylon fibres, making them better at picking up dirt and retaining it without smearing. A real friend around the house!