A high quality, washable Microfibre Duster with a multitude of uses.

40 x 40 cm/15.7 x 15.7″


This multi-purpose Microfibre duster will become an indispensable ally around the house and beyond. Use it wet or dry to get wonderful results with every general dusting and cleaning job you can imagine. It magically removes fine particles of dust and grease without scratching or marking the surface being cleaned and works particularly well on sensitive surfaces such as lacquered furniture, gilded mirrors and decorative glassware. A genuine everyday friend, and being washable, it will last for ages.

Did you know?
Our special Microfibre cloth is made from tiny fibres of polyester and nylon, split into an asterisk shape. This process not only makes the cloth better at picking up dust and dirt, it retains it without smearing. They can be washed and tumble dried again and again, but be careful not to use Fabric Conditioner as this will clog up the fibres, affecting their ability to clean.


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